Friday, 7 March 2014

london to brighton

we took a trip to the uk for the 7th brighton tattoo convention. rich phipson tattooed and i took the opportunity to feed as many squirrels as possible. also got to hang with my mom, watch the brilliant live production of war horse and explore two of london's many museums (v&a and natural history) which were both architecturally beautiful  and fascinating. in brighton we dashed around on sea stones, had an awesome time at the convention meeting and making friends and enjoyed it's all in all relaxed atmosphere. more uk trips are a must for the future. below of some photos of our time there;

brighton - uk

    met a sweet lady named chris



    and my rich (and a squirrel)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

meanwhile in ZA

a sweet stop over to visit my africa was medicinal. welcome to my land. my family. my ocean. my home.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

to uk & europe & back again

my husband and i took a trip to uk and europe. this was our first time in europe. my husband is a tattoo artist and so it was a great blessing for him to work while we traveled... it surely helped out on the splashing out part of the adventure (see richphipson / richkraft for more photos and his tattoo work). rich guested at stay classy tattoo in schiedam, luxembourg electric ave in luxembourg and the family business tattoo shop in london.  i used my contax g2 for all the shots. some of which i used positive film for (not digging that too much... my exposure skills are not very friendly to the outcome). i would like to have taken more film photos but i was overloaded with my digital camera on one shoulder (videoing) contax on other  and my trusty iphone in my back pocket and a heck of a lot of beauty and culture to absorb physically and mentally.... some day i'm gonna have to choose! we spent time with my mom, meet up with other traveling friends (husband and wife missmolly's melissa kieser and iam 's mathew kieser) reunited with old friends, made new friends and met some crazy minded humans in between... we rode bicycles in most cities,  a car from france to italy and a boat. we encountered some of the most beautiful landscapes, seascapes and monuments of the world and also enjoyed the music festival pukkelpop. we have much more to share about our trip but it's impossible to tell all so we will just stand housing memories and lessons of our earths beauty, diversity, cities and culture with room for more.  we started in...