Wednesday, 17 August 2011

happy dogs make a happy city

more dogs to bring delight to your eyes and hearts as they do to mine. shoes? yes, shoes for dogs. hong kong doesn't really have any houses with gardens for their dogs, so walking them around the city is how they get their exercise thats needed. i think it's great for the dogs and owners, the city is super dirty, so this is their way of keeping their in-house dogs paws super clean. its funny seeing them in shoes. the white dog was absolutely beautiful and very friendly not sure what breed the dog was (the owner did try tell us, but i had no clue as to what her was saying, just smiled and said "oh ja?... wow!") looked like a white wolf cross a white shiba, if there's such a thing! 

Friday, 5 August 2011

somethings become old but NEVER forgotten

below is an old pug dog. most of his fur had become non existent but as for his personality, it was shaggy and high spirited. what a strapping old man-dog. then below this, is a little old lady walking extremely slowly down a passage. had to refrain myself from offering her a hand... i didn't. the little chinese ladies here  in hong kong are strong and hold pride in their walking skills. so i took a photo instead. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

china music time

went to watch some bands at Hidden Agenda, a cool venue in hk. it was cool to go to a show again, peeps were there to watch some of their favorites bands with sweat on the brows and smiles on their faces, a sight so familiar to a life that richee and i have known for a long period of time and have been away from for a while. one of HK's hardcore bands King Ly Chee played, they were great! i managed to get one or two shots of two bands but was a little tough with the finicky focusing on my film camera. enjoyed taking the pics though. photographs... you are a good friend, no matter what!

first up is KLC and second... not sure, but they were awesome!

Monday, 1 August 2011

dogs dogs dogs and more

Hong Kong is full of people just longing to be loved. Some, or maybe even most of which just adore the company and a love that a dog gives. So here's to the dogs of Hong Kong... You bring joy, love, companionship, laughter, tears and exercise into our lives...  

first up an old old gentlemen hound from the Sha Kok Mei region in Sai Kung. he is blind in both eyes, can take a super long wee and much too happy to be out and about in the heat just too get his paws a walking. second up is an old old lady hound from the Kwun Tong town of the Kowloon Peninsula, she was in a deep napping session when i snapped this shot. third running is the feistiest little pup i've ever met, definitely  in need of the Dog Whisperer, her and her owner, he was a little rough on the dog care edges. she was woofing away whilst i was trying to take her picture. each of these dogs had owners at least 1.5m away but would prefer not to be in the photo but too glad to have their dogs picture taken. I will get some images of dogs and their companions some day. gotta respect though.

two small slices of Kwun Tong

Still on the borrowing bases of my handsome guys camera, Richard a.k.a Richkraft, I took these two images from a walk to the bus after a day of teaching in Kwun Tong, one of Hong Kong oldest urban areas.