Saturday, 11 February 2012

oh kapilove

kapi kapi kapi. he makes everyone hapi. he is white and sand. my dog is the sweetest dog in all the land. he makes me smile. he's my 'lily of the nile'. oh kapi oh kapi loves to sit on my knee. oh kapi oh kapi stay with me.

a boat of friends

we love the fact that hong kong offers the traveler a choice to either, walk it, taxi it, mini bus it, big bus it, train it, tram it or boat it! it's defiantly one of this most coolest things to do in the city.

hongkong sharks and music

in december a little ways back, hong kong held a festival called 'clockenflap' which was pretty cool as we don't get much or if any of that music form here. was a cool chilled cold crazy night filled with friends, music and the beautiful sunset of hong kong. OH! and sharks...