Saturday, 26 November 2011

tea with ZA

so rich and i headed off to south africa. we had two birthdays (mom & brother) two weddings (brother & friends) & a whole lot of family time. it was just wonderful being around the familiar faces of love and memories. we kept busy the whole 6 weeks we were there. both sides of the families had a chance to all be together again after around 2 years of being apart. we also had loads of time with friends and ate all our favorite za foods. rich tattooed and i took photos. here are some film shots of our time spent in the land of sharks and open spaces.

ZA folkland

south africa has a rich land filled with majestic animal life and culture. a culture of not only different races but that of different characters. either way its eye catching and a part of our heritage. which i'm proud to be apart of.

my kinda mammals

here are some of the south african mammals in my life. my gorgeous cat teloos my dads ball obsessed, wave catching lump of mussel pup hammer and two of a few awesome characters i met cruising around.

our last days of summer

as our holiday drew to an end we manage to squeeze in the most amazing sunrise and family time at the beach. this post ends with a photo of rich (richkraft) and ross skimming stones on the water at trio beach back in hong kong.