Wednesday, 17 August 2011

happy dogs make a happy city

more dogs to bring delight to your eyes and hearts as they do to mine. shoes? yes, shoes for dogs. hong kong doesn't really have any houses with gardens for their dogs, so walking them around the city is how they get their exercise thats needed. i think it's great for the dogs and owners, the city is super dirty, so this is their way of keeping their in-house dogs paws super clean. its funny seeing them in shoes. the white dog was absolutely beautiful and very friendly not sure what breed the dog was (the owner did try tell us, but i had no clue as to what her was saying, just smiled and said "oh ja?... wow!") looked like a white wolf cross a white shiba, if there's such a thing! 


  1. aaawww so cute and so true! I want the white doggy he is so beautiful!

  2. Your blog makes me happy. More please:)