Friday, 13 May 2011

"We are the CHARIOT! Be Free!"

This has been a long time coming. Being in Hong Kong and it's almost 'non existent' hardcore scene has been a long winded desert in our thirst for music that gives us that heart racing, constant smile on your face feeling! So we were blessed with a visit from The Chariot on their world tour. 

The show was held in Ngau Tau Kok at Hidden Agenda in Hong Kong (lets not talk about getting lost just before the show). The venue reminded me of our show venue's back in Durban, ZA. This was a good feeling! We spoke to a few of the fellas after the show, they were so humble and grateful to us... even though it was the other way round. They're passionate, inspiring, wild, in Love with God and they share the same life of freedom we have in him. 

Rich and I were super stoked to have had this experience and see them perform live in such an intimate space for the 2nd time in our years, for many of those years they'd been apart of our church, our church of passionate music who sang of Jesus, and his Love for us. 
I haven't taken photos at a show in a looooong time, so this was a super cool show to have been my first in a while! This too felt good!